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Most Recent Articles and Interviews (last updated August 18, 2009)


Petrobras Empowers Turkey

(International Relations and Security Network, 10/06/2009)

The Brazilian president signs a deal with Turkey placing Petrobras at the forefront of Ankara’s future as a major energy hub.


Behind the Morales Assassination Plot

(International Relations and Security Network, 26/05/2009)

A plot to kill the Bolivian president has turned into a political weapon to attack the opposition.


Let's Talk about Immigration and the Border with Silvio Canto

(Blog Talk Radio 08/06/2009)

I spoke with Silvio Canto about my book, immigration, and border security.


Download the show here.


Hints of Failure in Guatemala

(International Relations and Security Network, 14/05/2009)

The death of a lawyer and his posthumous accusation places the Guatemalan president at the center of a corruption scandal.


Prison Gangs and Organized Crime

(International Relations and Security Network, 12/05/2009)

A recent US trial against members of the Barrio Azteca prison gang reveals deep connections to Mexican organized crime.


Iran's Latin American Inroads

(International Relations and Security Network, 29/04/2009)

An examination of the reality of Iran’s deepening ties with a number of Latin American countries.


Mexico's Dirty Cash

(International Relations and Security Network, 20/04/2009)

As much as US$25 billion in drug money is laundered in Mexico annually, and some experts say the Mexican financial system is set up to facilitate money laundering rather than impede it.


Gun Control in the U.S and Abroad

(Global Journalists Radio, 24/3/2009)

I participated with a panel of journalists, including George Lewis from NBC, and Tom Wainwright with The Economist, to talk about gun control in America and abroad. The entire radio show may be listened to here.


South America's Shifting Security Paradigm

International Relations and Security Network, 24/3/2009)

As the US and Colombia consider the future of Plan Colombia, Brazil embraces a new leadership role, ushering in a new regional security paradigm for South America.


Napolitano Targets Dirty Money

(International Relations and Security Network, 31/3/2009)

While the head of US homeland security is in Mexico, she will use the media attention to promote anti-money laundering efforts to fight organized crime.


Mexico as a Hollow State

(National Journal: Expert Blogs, 23/3/2009)

How dire is the situation south of the border, really? And what should the U.S. do about it, especially given Mexico's historic sensitivity about its often overbearing northern neighbor? What lessons have we learned from the fight against the cartels in Colombia that are applicable to Mexico?


Los Zetas: Evolution of a Criminal Organization

(International Relations and Security Network, 11/3/09)

From the original 31 members, the Mexican organized criminal faction Los Zetas has grown into an organization in its own right, operating separate from the Gulf Cartel and just as violent.



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