Like Bolivia, Ecuador is in the middle of a progressive process to fundamentally change the country's constitution. President Rafael Correa remains committed to pushing ahead with change but is wary about comparisons between him and Chavez. His resolve not to give the United States any pleasure in dictating Ecuadorian police remains firm.


Ameripol comes to life

(International Relations and Security Network, 26/11/2007)

In a region where the military is often asked to perform police duties, a regional police force has formed to combat that tendency, but a number of challenges remain.


Correa, Chavez Comparison Unfair

(International Relations and Security Network, 03/10/2007)

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has often been compared as a Chavez equal, but this label is inaccurate and does not reflect his, or Ecuador's, reality.


Ecuador Forges An Uncertain Future

(International Relations and Security Network, 28/03/2007)

President Rafael Correa has fought and won for a Constituent Assembly in an effort seen as risky but necessary and long overdue.


Correa's Challenge

(International Relations and Security Network, 06/02/2007)

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has promised radical change but faces heavy opposition in Congress that will test the patience of his constituency.


Iran Courts Latin America

(International Relations and Security Network, 22/01/2007)

As Washington squeezes Iran off the international stage, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez opens doors for more Iranian influence in Latin America.


US Faces Eviction From Ecuadorian Base

(International Relations and Security Network, 12/01/2007)

Rafael Correa wants the US military to leave its base in Manta, Ecuador, and Washington is not overly concerned, though it would mean losing a strategic drug war position.



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