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Since 1997, Sam Logan has lived in foreign countries. A semester in Spain led to many footprints in Europe. In 1998 he was in Costa Rica. His travelling has not stopped since.


Sam has visited over twenty countries, living in seven. His tendency to mix with locals has been used for compelling articles, great books ideas, and, simply, unbelievable story telling amongst polyglot friends.


He currently works for Rum and Reggae as a member of their writing team and has written chapters on Rio de Janeiro, Bonaire, Cuba, Margarita, and Los Roques. His work on Rum and Reggae's book on the state of Rio de Janeiro is now print.


You can find it here.



For Time Out guides Sam is a member of the Rio de Janeiro writing team and prepared the sports section for the Time Out City Guide: Rio de Janeiro


You can find it here.








Introduction to Búzios

(Rum & Reggae's Guide to Brazil - Rio Chapter, 11/12/2005)

This once-upon-a-time lazy town has been groomed for greatness in tourism for nearly four decades.


Introduction to the Beaches of Rio

(Rum & Reggae's Guide to Brazil - Rio Chapter, 11/12/2005)

Focus on Rio de Janeiro: The Beach Culture By 10 a.m. Ipanema beach is full of Brazilians sunning, surfing, playing futebol, weight lifting, hustling, drinking natural juice, or simply standing in the sun taking it all in.


Introduction to the City of Rio

(Rum & Reggae's Guide to Brazil - Rio Chapter, 11/12/2005)

Life in Rio moves at its own sultry rhythm. There is no reason to rush. We always try to avoid this feeling while in this sensuous city. When we find ourselves in a hurry, we soon become very impatient and frustrated—not to mention hot and sweaty.



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