A collection of articles about about security, politics, and energy in Venezuela.


Iran's Latin American Inroads

(International Relations and Security Network, 29/04/2009)

An examination of the reality of Iran’s deepening ties with a number of Latin American countries.


Chavez's Weakened Position
(International Relations and Security Network 31/7/2008)

After spending billions on spreading his ideology around the world and the region, Chavez may find that he has earned few dividends.

Colombia, Venezuela, War and Rhetoric
(International Relations and Security Network 12/2/2008)
Tensions are on the rise between Colombia and Venezuela, and some observers are considering the possibility that a small conflict between the two might break out in the coming months.


Venezuela: Emerging opposition collage

(International Relations and Security Network, 19/11/2007)

Venezuela's former defense minister, Raul Baduel, may become the unwilling leader of a new opposition movement that speaks not to the middle class but to Chavez's core supporters.


The Cautious Birth of a New Bank

(International Relations and Security Network, 15/10/2007)

South America's Banco del Sur as a hopeful, if cautious, step towards regional integration and away from Washington-controlled development money has a great chance for success but it could just as likely fail.


Chavez Outpaces Change in Venezuela

(International Relations and Security Network, 26/09/2007)

As the visionary Venezuelan leader sets out to raise the standard of living for the poor, it is unclear if his bureaucracy can keep pace with his dreams.


Uribe, Chavez and FARC

(International Relations and Security Network, 12/09/2007)

Uribe has allowed Chavez negotiating room with FARC, but the Colombian president's motives are not entirely humanitarian.


The Venezuelan Powder Keg

(ISA Intelligence and Consulting, 03/08/2007)

Chavez is sending confused signals as he moves to cement his control over the military.


Silence and Propaganda in the Americas

(International Relations and Security Network, 31/05/2007)

Freedom of speech is, according to some, under attack, but it's clear journalism in Latin America has suffered a threatening string of set backs in 2007.


Chavez, On the Offensive

(International Relations and Security Network, 12/03/2007)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has gone on the offensive to protect his government from the increased likelihood of an attempt on his life.


No One to Counter Chavez

(International Relations and Security Network, 23/02/2007)

In a region where the leading ideology is Bolivarianism, there is not one leader positioned to offer a better idea for a brighter future.


Iran Courts Latin America

(International Relations and Security Network, 22/01/2007)

As Washington squeezes Iran off the international stage, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez opens doors for more Iranian influence in Latin America.


Balancing Venezuelan-Iranian Relations

(International Relations and Security Network, 14/12/2006)

Some argue that Iran uses Venezuela to further its geopolitical goal of undermining US power, but others say the relationship is more balanced than many thought.


Chavez's Cloak of Democracy

(International Relations and Security Network, 04/12/2006)

Venezuelan voters elect Chavez for another six terms, and as long as elections seem relatively free and fair, he will likely remain in power well beyond 2012.


Russia's Race to Arm the Americas

(International Relations and Security Network, 01/12/2006)

Rather than focus on a non-existent arms race in South America, US leaders, like leaders in Russia, should focus on improving military-military ties with Latin American countries.


Looking Beyond the Venezuelan Elections

(International Relations and Security Network, 27/11/2006)

Many observers believe that despite a strong campaign by opposition leader Manuel Rosales, Chavez will win, but he must focus on Venezuela if he intends to remain in power.


An Alternative to a Failed MercoSur

(International Relations and Security Network, 09/08/2006)

In a region where loud voices of integration shout over a reality of failed trade policies, Chile's alternative to access to the Pacific may be a viable solution.


Russia-Venezuela Deal May Harm South America

(International Relations and Security Network, 03/08/2006)

Chavez's historical purchase of Russian arms displaces the balance of power in South America, handing the region's most pugnacious leader more power than he deserves.


The Kalashnikov Threat in Venezuela

(International Relations and Security Network, 02/06/2006)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced on 30 May that the first shipment of 30,000 AK-103 assault rifles would arrive in Venezuela by the end of June. On the same day, Alexander Badistan, spokesman for the Russian arms manufacturer Rosoboronexport, said the company would grant Venezuela a license to manufacture AK-103 rifles.


Invasion or Civil War for Venezuela?
(International Relations and Security Network, 24/03/2006)

Riding on the rhetoric of an eventual US invasion, Chavez is building up a massive civilian militia answerable directly, and only, to him. That militia, however, is more likely intended to deter a military coup than a US invasion.


Guns, Cocaine: One Market Out of Control

(International Relations and Security Network, 28/02/2006)

The market for small arms and light weapons has completely overlapped the cocaine market. Purchases for arms are no longer made with cash but with cocaine, and the same routes used to smuggle cocaine out of South America are used to smuggle guns in.


Behind the Cult of Chavez

(International Relations and Security Network, 19/01/2006)

ISN Security Watch’s Sam Logan searches for the cult of personality that keeps President Hugo Chavez in popular power in Caracas, Venezuela.


Venezuelans Boycott Dying Democracy

(International Relations and Security Network, 23/12/2005)

A new trend in Venezuela has the electorate overwhelmingly boycotting the polls - a fact that could bode ill for security and stability as the country prepares for presidential elections next year, and incumbent President Hugo Chavez may have to make a tough choice between democracy and revolutionary democracy.


Venezuelan Nuclear Technonlogy is a Long Shot

(International Relations and Security Network, 29/10/2005)

President Hugo Chavez's intention to develop a peaceful nuclear program highlights the possibility of a nuclear weapons bluff and reveals potential threats to regional security.


Bush and Chavez, Connected at the Hip

(International Relations and Security Network, 03/10/2005)

The conflict between the US and Venezuela distorts the reality of a region whose real security threat is drug traffickers, not accusatory pulpit politics.


China's Interest in Latin America: A Cause for Worry?

(Americas Policy, 28/08/2005)

China's increased footprint in Latin America is a cause for worry in Washington and a reason to hope for a better future in Latin America. What are the longterm outcomes of China's presence in Latin America?


China Entices South America with Investment

(International Relations and Security Network, 04/08/2005)

China's grand economic entrance into South America has some observers worried about a possible shift in the balance of power in the Western Hemisphere.


Uncertain Future for South American Socialism

(International Relations and Security Network, 27/07/2005)

Venezuela's bulging oil revenues have left the region's integration in the hands of Hugo Chavez - the only South American leader with a combination of cash and relative political stability to focus on developments beyond his country's borders - but it is an uncertain future at best.


South America's Balancing Act: Socialism vs. Fiscal Conservatism

(InfoAmericas, 18/05/2005)

Countering the demands for more populist policies is the sobering reality for most political leaders that South America's reliance on foreign markets and capital requires fiscal conservatism.



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