Corruption, smuggling, US military preseance, and terrorism funding are major themes in Paraguay.


Ameripol comes to life

(International Relations and Security Network, 26/11/2007)

In a region where the military is often asked to perform police duties, a regional police force has formed to combat that tendency, but a number of challenges remain.


An Alternative to a Failed MercoSur

(International Relations and Security Network, 09/08/2006)

In a region where loud voices of integration shout over a reality of failed trade policies, Chile's alternative to access to the Pacific may be a viable solution.


U.S. Military Moves in Paraguay Rattle Regional Relations

(International Relations Center - Americas Policy Program, 14/12/2005)

On May 27, the Paraguayan National Congress signed an agreement with the United States that allows U.S. military personnel to train, work, and operate in different regions of the country for a period of 18 months. Within weeks the first U.S. troops began to arrive.


US Rethinks Military Presence in South America

(International Relations and Security Network, 21/09/2005)

The US military is increasing its military presence in South America due to alleged security threats related to ungoverned areas along borders, the so-called "war on terror", and the rising influence of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.



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