The politics of free trade, security, and energy are major themes in Peru.


Security and the other Tri-Border

(International Relations and Security Network 24/7/2008)
A meeting at one of South America's other tri-border regions brings Brazil and Colombia closer together, while promoting Brazil as a regional leader.


Ameripol comes to life

(International Relations and Security Network, 26/11/2007)

In a region where the military is often asked to perform police duties, a regional police force has formed to combat that tendency, but a number of challenges remain.


Pacific Arc Plan: Innovative but Challenging

(International Relations and Security Network, 24/09/2007)

The Pacific Arc regional trade initiative, promoted by Peruvian President Alan Garcia, is an innovative idea, but Garcia's poor leadership skills may render the initiative hollow.


Pragmatism, not Chavez, to Dictate Peru Politics

(International Relations and Security Network, 09/01/2006)

While the recent surge in the popularity of retired Lieutenant Colonel Ollanta Humala ahead of Peru's April presidential elections has analysts pumping out panicked speculation that the country could move closer towards Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and further from the US sphere of influence, pragmatism will dictate the end game.


Maoist Rebels Force State of Emergency in Peru

(International Relations and Security Network, 29/12/2005)

Peru's nearly forgotten Maoist rebel group, the Sendero Luminoso, has redefined its role by acting as a buffer between the state and what truly threatens Peruvian security, as proletariat politics is replaced with simple money matters.


Politics and Energy Crisis in South America

(International Relations and Security Network, 30/09/2005)

Political challenges hinder the regional integration of natural gas networks, considered a route to increased regional energy security, in South America.


China's Interest in Latin America: A Cause for Worry?

(Americas Policy, 28/08/2005)

China's increased footprint in Latin America is a cause for worry in Washington and a reason to hope for a better future in Latin America. What are the longterm outcomes of China's presence in Latin America?


China Entices South America with Investment

(International Relations and Security Network, 04/08/2005)

China's grand economic entrance into South America has some observers worried about a possible shift in the balance of power in the Western Hemisphere.



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