Energy, politics, economy, and business are major themes in Chile. Natural gas supplies have been a major concern for the Bachelet administration while the country remains a regional leader for economic stabiltiy and international trade prowess.


Ameripol comes to life

(International Relations and Security Network, 26/11/2007)

In a region where the military is often asked to perform police duties, a regional police force has formed to combat that tendency, but a number of challenges remain.


An Alternative to a Failed MercoSur

(International Relations and Security Network, 09/08/2006)

In a region where loud voices of integration shout over a reality of failed trade policies, Chile's alternative to access to the Pacific may be a viable solution.


Chile Acknowledged as Regional Leader

(International Relations and Security Network, 26/07/2006)

Chilean President Michele Bachelet must make a choice between Caracas and Washington, polar opposites that both look to Chile for regional leadership.


Chile's Success Proves Neo-Liberalism Works

(International Relations and Security Network, 16/01/2006)

With the election of Michelle Bachelet as Chilean president, voters have indicated they want more of the same neo-liberal economics and intolerance of corruption that has made Chile a South American success story.


Politics and Energy Crisis in South America

(International Relations and Security Network, 30/09/2005)

Political challenges hinder the regional integration of natural gas networks, considered a route to increased regional energy security, in South America.


China's Interest in Latin America: A Cause for Worry?

(Americas Policy, 28/08/2005)

China's increased footprint in Latin America is a cause for worry in Washington and a reason to hope for a better future in Latin America. What are the longterm outcomes of China's presence in Latin America?


China Entices South America with Investment

(International Relations and Security Network, 04/08/2005)

China's grand economic entrance into South America has some observers worried about a possible shift in the balance of power in the Western Hemisphere.



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