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Brazil's Nigeria Peace Promise

(International Relations and Security Network, 24/08/2009)

Ahead of the 2011 elections in Nigeria, Brazil offers the African nation biofuel and agricultural technology, but Nigeria's president must decide if he will accept the help or continue down the same path of violence and oppression that has haunted his country for years.


Read the story here.


Mexico's Divine Justice

(International Relations and Security Network, 17/08/2009)

The La Familia organized crime group employs a combination of paramilitary and psychological tactics, and it may now provide the latest blueprint for Mexican crime groups.


A piece I prepared with John P. Sullivan, Sr. Research Fellow at the Center for Advanced Terrorism Studies.


Honduras: Beneath the Coup

(International Relations and Security Network, 20/07/2009)

This piece focuses on all the security challenges Honduras faces - challenges that didn't capture the attention of international media.


This is for the Mara Salvatrucha

(Hyperion Books, forthcoming July 7, 2009; optioned by Paramount Vantage)


This is for the Mara SalvatruchaMy first non-fiction narrative is the story of Brenda Paz's last three years of life. She was a young member of the Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, who became a federal informant before she was killed after running away from witness protection. This book uncovers little known truths about the MS-13, one of America's most violent street gangs, and reveals how the street life can be alluring to even well loved kids like Brenda. This narrative also takes a close look at the the realities of living inside the United States as part of a Latino immigrant community, underscoring the challenges with policing these communities and the fluidity of illegal movement across the US-Mexico border.


You can pre-order the book here.


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